The original squad. A throwback, classic photo. I was introduced to spoken word poetry in 2010 by Shagraila Hammond (a.k.a. Gray, far right) when she learned that I wrote poetry. She then introduced my to Mike Scott (in the red), who had been performing spoken word for a while. He was the man. He taught […]

  A picture (that went viral I might add) of my med school family. We took this the day of our White Coat Ceremony in November 2016. Couldn’t think of a better group of individuals to begin, and one day end, this journey with. Love.   And this is a picture of our entire class, […]

This is an older video of a poem I used to perform before I went to medical school. Medical school hasn’t been kind on my performing and video taking, but I plan on getting back into the groove one of these days soon! In the mean time, let me know what you think! Thank you […]

She was the definition of entropy. I never understood why I couldn’t contain her within me. Every time I attempted to, she burst out of my thorax until I couldn’t close my chest up. Because of that, she was always able to see inside of me, always able to peer beyond the muscles, bones, and […]

Make sure to raise your hands as slow as possible. With white palms, you will try to convince them that you are somewhat white too, so don’t shoot. You will try to make them believe in your hallelujah, that you are just trying to be like Jesus and walk in His footsteps after 3rd day… […]